Thank You!... Just for clicking on this page link! Volunteers are what makes the Philly Bike Expo a great and successful event, and for that you are our heroes. Your passion for your city and commitment to cycling is what enables us to present the city of Philadelphia to national and international audiences as a vibrant center of cycling. We truly appreciate the vital role you play. 

Who Can Volunteer?
Fun-loving, enthusiastic, hard-working and reliable individuals who love cycling and Philadelphia, and who want to be part of a tremendous event.

When Can You Volunteer?

  1. We are always looking for volunteers to help with pre-event planning, organization and promotion. If you are interested in helping us pre-event, complete the form below and email to let her know you’re available pre-event.
  2. It takes hundreds of expo weekend hours to provide the best experience for our attendees and exhibitors. Complete our form below to find the volunteer positions that will suit you best.