VanDOit: Lookin’ for Adventure in Whatever Comes Our Way

By Janet Bressler-Bilenky



VanDOit Adventure Vans is a start-up, but it was born from a family-owned automotive and RV business established in 1947. With customizable interiors to suit any sport or lifestyle, a VanDOit is a self-contained call of the wild on wheels. I was thinking, “I’ll sell the house and get one of these!” But, I did have some questions for VanDOit Company’s Brent Kline, first. 


PBE: I was looking at the pictures on your website. Does a VanDOit start out as a Ford van? 


BK: Yes, our first VanDOit was a Ford van. We chose the Ford Transit for several reasons including dealership warranty availability, affordable maintenance / repair costs, quality, availability and affordability. We trust the Transit because we have leased hundreds of them since they began building them and they have performed so well. People love them...they drive like a high quality car. We hope that many people will utilize them as their daily driver.  We can (also) create a VanDOit adventure van out of a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and Nissan NV.  


PBE: Did you design the custom fittings? 


BK: Yes, our engineering and design team designs and creates 100% of the non- electronic conversion components. With regards to our solar system, we utilized top shelf equipment providers but we configure and design how the system works. We have true SMART OFF GRID solar, with capabilities well above the typical solar system. With audio and video, we utilize equipment from very high end, trusted suppliers like JL Audio and Samsung Video. 


PBE: When did you build/equip the first VanDOit? 


BK: Though we have been doing upgrades to vans for 30 years, with roots going back even longer, We built the first "complete build" Generation 1 VanDOit about a year ago. Since then, our R&D department, as well as some beta testers, have been testing, torturing and upgrading the components and design. We have been selling minor up-fitted conversions for quite some time, but we now feel we have the best, most functional adventure van available. We have chosen the the American city that represents Freedom to set this van free by unveiling the Generation 1 complete build VanDOit at the Philly Bike Expo. It will go into full production and sales following the show. 


PBE: How does someone go about ordering/picking up a VanDOit if they're not near your Kansas City, MO location? 


BK: Since VanDOit is a sister company of Kline Van and Woody's Automotive Group AKA WOWWOODYS.COM, we have had a transportation department for decades where we move vans all over the USA and Canada. Purchasing a van from us is so simple. We illustrate to the customer all the options available, build the van for them and then deliver it. Leasing, selling and delivering vans is what we know and do best. 


PBE:What’s your favorite part of operating your business? 


BK: I love outdoor adventure-minded people and I love adventure vans. Adventure vans bring a bit of freedom to us. Vans are so functional. Vans are what I drive and have been driving for over 30 years. I am very, very passionate about this business because we are giving some of the greatest people on the planet the ability to affordably experience the great outdoors, to find some peace and nourish the soul, to disconnect while staying connected and to feed their free spirit.  All of us like-minded people have wanted to "live in a van down by the river" least for periods of time...Because of our quality and affordability, we are making it possible. That is what I love about this business.