Selle Anatomica returns as sponsor of Philly Bike Expo

by Matt Butterman

Making beautiful, comfortable and light handmade saddles is a family affair for Selle Anatomica. The San Diego-based company returns as a sponsor of the Philly Bike Expo for the second year running.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering again with the Philly Bike Expo. Bina and Stephen do a great job with the show, and it’s one of only two shows that we attend each year,” said Ryan Hosmer, Selle Anatomica’s Director of Marketing and Product Development.

Ryan’s mother, Carol, now owns the company that was founded by her brother, Tommy Milton, a long-distance cyclist. It was a mission to produce a comfortable and lightweight saddle that inspired him to start the company in 2006. Unfortunately, Milton died of a heart attack while riding a double century in southern California in 2010, and his sister Carol Hosmer left a career in hospital administration to come head up the family business. Both of her sons, Ryan and Andy Hosmer, work with her in various roles to run the business, so it truly is a family affair.

And it’s the same sense of family that the Hosmers really appreciate about the Philly Bike Expo. “What I really like about Philly is that it’s a family business, just like ours. With that aspect, the partnership really works well for us. For instance, Bina really sets the stage for a successful partnership by coming up with a lot of great reciprocal ideas that add to the value of our presence at the show. With the Bilenkys, it’s personal, and you’re not just another booth on the floor,” says Carol Hosmer.

“Being from southern California, we don’t have as strong a following on the east coast, and so our presence at Philly is really important for us,” says Ryan.

Selle Anatomica will use the Philly Bike Expo to introduce a few new advances in the product line, including the new, lightweight X2 frame that reduces weight by about 100 grams. Customers can now also replace the leather on their saddles themselves, without the hassle of sending it back to the manufacturer. There are a couple more new features that won’t be announced until show time, so you’ll have to pay a visit to the Expo to find out more.

Ryan, who handles product development, says that reducing weight is the new focus at Selle Anatomica.

“We already have the market cornered on comfort, so now we’re really focusing on reducing weight,” he says.

Two critical factors for cyclists who spend many hours in the saddle, and for whom a well-engineered saddle can be the difference between debilitating pain and high performance.