‘Bent, Because

By Janet Bressler-Bilenky



Meet Scott and Diane Barrows, co-owners of Recumbent Cycles Of Lancaster. Scott had been riding ‘bent for only 3 years before becoming a trained bicycle/recumbent cycle technician. As you may have noticed from previous posts, I love hearing about our Exhibitors’ second-career journeys as I endeavor to write their Stories. In Scott’s case, prior to starting Recumbent Cycles Of Lancaster, he had more than 40-years’ experience in sales, marketing, merchandising and executive leadership.  


Scott took to ‘bent riding because it provided a fitness alternative that was easy on his knees and hips. Scott’s commitment to getting in shape was enhanced by the comfort of recumbent riding. It helped him shed over 150 pounds (!) and led his transformation from corporate exec to healthy bike shop owner. Talk about following your passion!


Diane is in charge of the business side. Her “previous life” was in education, training, human resources and business administration. Her skills and talents now serve their family-run “dream”. Diane is also an avid ‘bent rider. She lends support to local cycling causes and together with Scott is proud to say that Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster is a participating vendor in Lancaster County’s “Thank A Vet” Program. By offering a discount to card-carrying active-duty armed forces members and vets, Scott and Diane aim to give any service man or woman an opportunity for a comfortable bike ride – including those who might not be able to ride traditional foot-powered cycles. Recumbent Cycles Of Lancaster carries a variety of adaptive cycles, including hand cycles, for recovery or recreation. A selection will be available to  test ride at the Philly Bike Expo. Scott and Diane believe that everyone, regardless of ability, should get the chance to enjoy the freedom that a bike ride can provide.