Going Electric: Raleigh Electric

By Janet Bressler-Bilenky



Like Bob Dylan at Newport in 1965, iconic bicycle brand Raleigh is fearlessly adapting to changing times. People of a certain age, (anglophiles all!) remember with fondness the Raleigh “English Racers” of their youth with that awesome “Nottingham, England” emblem. While controversy may be sparked amongst bicycle purists, just like die-hard folkies raged at Dylan for picking up a Strat, there are many others for whom an electric-assist bike makes sense. Also, from what I hear, (I haven’t tried one myself, yet), e-bikes are fun, providing an exciting wind-at-your-back sensation. At the Philly Bike Expo, we believe there’s room in the bicycle tent for everyone who wants more greenness, more fitness, and fewer cars. 


Raleigh comes by the electric revolution honestly. The Raleigh brand was born 130 years ago. Today, it’s the largest and longest operating bicycle company in the US. Along the way, they’ve made motorcycles, pioneered the 3-speed and 5-speed internal geared hub, and launched careers in international bicycle racing. Innovation is not strange at Raleigh. 


Raleigh Electric offers Pavement, Trail, Classic and Utility e-bikes with traditional-looking styling. Even some of the model names (Sprite! Superbe!) will bring on a wave of nostalgia. 


I’m thinking that bringing home groceries by bicycle would become much less of a chore with electric assist. I might just sing, “I Ain’t Gonna Work On Maggie’s Farm No More” while I do it!