Pedalino Bicycles: By Any Other Name

By Janet Bressler-Bilenky



Coming up with band names is kind of a hobby of mine. I’ve always been intrigued by folks whose given names could be easily manipulated into a nom de guerre (or were perfectly suited to their art “as is”). So, imagine my delight to meet Julie Pedalino, framebuilder and owner of Pedalino Bicycles, Lenexa, KS. 


Julie’s pre-framebuilding background is fine art and graphic design. Her aesthetic sense is evident in everything she makes. Each frame has exquisite details that reflect an underlying concept.


PBE: Where are you from originally?


JP: I’m not a Kansas native. I was born in Ohio and went to college in Chicago. After I graduated, I’ve been a bit of a gypsy - Chicago, Ajo (Arizona), SF, Monterey... KC is just the most recent landing spot!  


PBE: What’s your favorite part of the frame building process? 


JP: Learning and exploring new techniques. I think the most amazing side effect of my frame building adventure is that I have discovered a love for machining!  


PBE: What are you currently working on? 


JP: I’m wrapping up my two show bikes for PBE!  After I’m done with those, I’ll be doing a set of 24” fat bikes with special cat-themed bilaminate lugs.  


PBE: Before framebuilding, what was your preferred artistic medium?


JP: To be honest, I’ve dabbled in just about everything… painting, printmaking, fashion, drawing, jewelry, fibers. But nothing quite engaged me the way that frame building has. 


PBE: What’s different about making art for yourself (such as your “Sushumna” and “Gravel Queen” frames) as opposed to building for a client and does your education/experience in graphic design help? 


JP: I find working with others to be more interesting- interesting in some ways, because I have to work within certain parameters instead of just doing whatever I want. I find that the restrictions take me to creative places I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. I definitely think my educational background kicks in with clients - I’m grateful to have the ability to know how to get people what they want without completely losing my voice as an artist. It also helps to know how to take a critique!