NixFrixShun: Grease (or Lube) is the Word

by Janet Bressler-Bilenky


There are the stars, then there’s the back-up band, and then there’s all the behind-the-scenes individuals without whom there’d be no show. Once in a very rare while these hidden wizards and alchemists get to step out from behind the curtain or mixing board as the case may be.   


If the frame is the star and the components are the back-up band, then chain lube is one of those unsung workers that literally makes things run smoothly. And NixFrixShun is the world’s most effective bicycle chainlube.


The testimonials are many and effusive: “NFS isn't just the best chain lube on the market, now or ever,” says Tom Kellogg,  “It has changed the relationship I have with my bike.”


NixFrixShun makes NFS, which was recently proven in independent testing to be between .4 and 4 watts better than some of the most popular brands sold and by far the longest lasting. Also in the product line is NFS+ Ne Plus Ultra - the only odorless, colorless, biodegradable endurance chainlube and NFS Race Grease, all are hand-crafted in the USA.


Founded in 2010, (the same year as the first Philly Bike Expo!) NixFrixShun will be exhibiting with us for the fifth time. When asked about what's exciting in today's bike industry, NixFrixShun founder and creator Josh Simonds says, "There are a huge number of new vendors providing exciting products that help folks get outside!" Simonds himself helps folks get outside. Besides the contribution of his products, he organizes "Ballers Camp" a challenging mixed terrain course in W. VA.  He's also hosted morning rides at the Expo- no word yet whether he'll be doing one in at Expo 2017. Stay tuned.