Jamis: Another family-owned business joins our PBE family

By Matt Butterman

Jamis Bikes is a new Silver sponsor of the Philly Bike Expo! A family-owned business started by Cypriot immigrant Georges Joannou in 1938, the New Jersey-based brand has been at the forefront of bicycle innovation for over 30 years. Jamis makes unique, high quality bikes across all categories and designed to fit all lifestyles.

According to Max Noble of Jamis, the adventure bike category is the most exciting trend in the industry currently. “We like that the adventure category has taken up where traditional road biking has left off. We think this is much more real-world and for everyday use, and we are proud to be one of the pioneers of authentic adventure bike design.”

The Renegade Series has been leading the way in the growing adventure bike category; a bike designed to be so versatile it can be used as your road, commuting, bike-packing or gravel rig. With tire clearance from 25 to 47c and over 20 mounting points for racks, fenders or frame packs, the Renegade Series is unequalled in its performance and versatility.

For mountain bikers, Jamis' line of PLUS tire-sized mountain bikes covers all bases. The Dragon Series provides the classic and smooth feel of steel while providing multiple mounting points and sliding dropouts for versatility. The Komodo Series takes the tried-and-true trail geometry of the Dragon Series and exploits the lightweight and immediacy of an aluminum frame. It's fast!

Both the Dragon Series and Komodo series are offered in both 27.5+ / 29 and 26+/27.5 wheel setups with standard frame and dedicated models for women.

Be sure to visit the large Jamis booth at PBE this fall for the full product line-up, and find all the latest at their website.