I Love You, Honey

by Janet Bressler-Bilenky

New exhibitor Honey Stinger will be bringing their products (and samples!) to the 2017 Expo. Although I’d never tried them myself, (until now!), Honey Stinger Chews and Waffles are a familiar sight in the Bilenky household. They’ve been a staple item in Aaron’s training fuel arsenal for at least the past five years- so, I know they must be good! I’m looking at a packet on my dining room table right now as I write. (Oops! Too personal a glimpse into my “home office”?)  It’s their “Lemon Waffle”. I see it’s certified Kosher, (and organic!) therefore, I'm going to have one (For dessert! For research purposes!). 


I’ve learned that patriarch and matriarch Ralph and Luella Gamber, owners of Dutch Gold Honey (est. 1946) introduced the concept of healthier snack options when they tried marketing a honey-based energy bar back in the 1950’s. The world wasn’t ready for the “En-R-G Bar” at that time. Fast forward to 2002- Ralph and Luella’s grandson Bill Gamber founds Honey Stinger, staking out the family’s rightful claim in the exploding sport-fuel/healthy energy snack landscape. Another fun Honey Stinger historical fact: together with  beekeeping partners Woodrow and Rita Miller (Miller Honey Farm, est. 1917) Ralph and Luella invented the iconic Honeybear packaging in 1957! If you’ve ever bought honey of any kind, I’m pretty sure you’ve brought it home in a Honeybear at some point! Bill Gamber, Sr and John Miller serve on the Honey Stinger board today.


In addition to edibles and logo wearables, Honey Stinger offers a generous sponsorship program for athletes, teams and events. Their online system makes it easy to apply. And here’s one more fun fact: After a Waffle is consumed, the wrapper makes a perfectly fine tire patch in an emergency situation! (See Stingerbuzz blog post dated 2/23/17)


Time for my product review: I pronounce the Honey Stinger Lemon Waffle “Yum!” (Highest praise in our house!) Not too sweet, just enough natural lemony flavor, satisfyingly chewy honey-based consistency- now I want to try the other flavors. Aaron, would you please add some of the chocolate ones to your next order?