Cleverhood: Here Comes the Rain Again

by Janet Bressler-Bilenky

I’m looking out the window at the rain that’s been steadily falling since the early AM hours. A “run-between-the-raindrops” superpower would be nice, but a Cleverhood would work just as well!


Cleverhood produces high-performance rainwear with bike-ready features such as hoods that fit under helmets and thumb loops so the cape stays in place during a ride. Cleverhood has accomplished the difficult task of being stylish without sacrificing safety, and safe without sacrificing style. The capes come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Some of the capes incorporate reflective accents or reflective trim into the design, and others sport woven-in reflective thread that comes alive when headlights shine.  In addition to their selection of rain capes for adults, Cleverhood has a line for kids… and for dogs!


Cleverhood is a small family-run business based in Providence, RI. The apparel is made in nearbyFall River, MA. The slow bike movement, livable cities, and encouraging more people to interact with their local surroundings are all parts of what Cleverhood is about. With their form-and-function rainwear, Cleverhood seeks toprovide folks with a special way to experience rain. Yeah, rain is great - getting wet, not so much!


This will be the fifth year that Cleverhood will be exhibiting at the Expo. I’m looking forward to seeing their latest, but as the rain continues to fall and tomorrow’s forecast calls for more of the same, I’m thinking I need a Cleverhood right now!