Ergon: Points of Contact

Ergon is based in Koblenz, Germany, and produces technologically advanced products for where the rider meets bike: namely, saddles and grips. Ask any cyclist what the most tech-heavy component on their bike is, and they might cite the crankset or shifters, but probably not the saddle or grips. With its product line-up blending science and ergonomically-inspired design, Ergon is forcing a rethink of these answers.


A new exhibitor at the Philly Bike Expo, Ergon will be displaying several notable products from its product line, including:

GP1 / GP1 BioKork Grips
Ergon’s original and groundbreaking GP1 continues to set the standard for grip technology and form factor in the bicycle industry. Offering optimal pressure distribution throughout the hands, the GP1 helps solve common hand issues caused by cycling including numb hands, sore wrists, and sore forearms. The GP1 is ideal for urban riders, commuters and leisure cyclists of all ages.

SFC3 Fitness Saddles
Virtually pressure-free seated comfort while pedaling! Ergon has developed the SFC3 Fitness Series to meet the demands of fitness, e-bikes and touring riders. Available in two sizes, the SFC3 is the choice saddle of many recreational riders around the world.

SR Women Saddles
New for 2018 and early 3 years in the making, the SR Women saddle series is the perfect fit for female riders tackling a variety of road cycling applications. Whether a challenging gran fondo or the weeknight group ride the SR Women saddles are formed and shaped to meet the cycling demands of all female road cyclists.

SM Women Saddles
New for 2018; MTB specific saddles for women by women designed from the ground up. SM Women saddles offer optimum pressure relief in the genital area, allowing ease of movement and positioning, even in the most technical and difficult terrain.

ST Ultra Saddle
The ergonomic saddle revolution for touring bikes, Ergon’s floating TwinShell concept with Ergonomic Core supports natural pelvic movements while pedaling. The saddle actively relieves sit bone pressure and reliably dampens bumps caused by the riding surface. The core incorporates the latest E-TPU material, delivering state of the art technology in responsiveness and damping. Thanks to the pronounced relief channel, numbness and pain are also effectively reduced. Available in early 2018, the new ST Core saddle is tailored to the needs and requirements of touring, fitness, and e-bike riders around the world.


With so many cyclists focused on the where the rubber meets the road, Ergon blends technology and aesthetics to bring performance, comfort and style to where the rider meets the bike - equally, if not more, important points of contact!