DT Swiss: multi-national

DT Swiss is a multi-national company with manufacturing in Switzerland, Colorado, Taiwan and Poland, and its home base of Switzerland is itself a polyglot nation whose nature extends to DT Swiss’ name. The “DT” in DT Swiss means “wire works”. “D” is Drahtwerke (German meaning "wire works") and “T” is Trefileries (French for "wire works").


DT Swiss is known for its well-regarded line of spokes, and cyclists of a certain age will remember boxes of DT Swiss spokes on the shelves of the workbenches in bike shops, in many different lengths and gauges (thickness); raw materials for the handbuilt wheels that many pro shops used to specialize in.


And DT Swiss are still the world's leading producer of high quality spokes. They cold forge butted and bladed spokes, which aligns the grain structure of the metal to increase the strength of the spoke. A little known fun-fact: almost all round spokes sold throughout the Americas are produced in Grand Junction, CO.

DT Swiss’ product offerings have proliferated in recent years, and they now offer a line of hubs.  The Star Ratchet hub engagement mechanism is an industry leader for simplicity, convertibility and service/maintenance. Star Ratchet equipped hubs are tool-free, which makes routine maintenance very easy to perform.

The Dicut PR1400 OXIC Wheelset is another new offering from DT Swiss. This new road rim-brake wheelset uses a special oxidized ceramic coating that is electrochemically applied to the rim braking surface. This coating makes the braking surface extremely hard and wear resistant. The OXIC coating uses no volatile organic compounds or heavy metals, making it a very environmentally friendly technology as well. Quiet, predictable and powerful braking, combined with low weight make this wheel a benchmark for high end road riders.


PR1400 DICUT OXIC wheelset

PR1400 DICUT OXIC wheelset