Co-Motion Cycles: adventure awaits

If you’re a perceptive type, you’ll correctly infer that Co-Motion Cycles specializes in tandems, and that’s certainly the case.


But the Eugene, Oregon builder also produces single-rider bikes in 12 different models built for bikepacking, touring, off-beaten paths, pavement and adventure, and these types of adventure bikes are what excite Co-Motion head Dwan Sheppard.


“We're excited to see the explosion of ways to enjoy cycling. The way we view bicycle touring has changed to include everything from half-day trips to multi-year global explorations. The face of competitive cycling now includes more people of all abilities and fitness levels in Gran Fondos and flash-mob-like cycling events. Cycling is full of surprises, and there's always a fresh way to experience the world for yourself on a bike,” says Sheppard.


If you want to experience the world with a partner on a tandem, Co-Motion will certainly help you out there as well. They offer 14 tandem models, and one three-rider model.


You can purchase any Co-Motion tandem with stock options and sizing, but custom geometry, paint and accessories are available for an additional charge.


Co-Motion builds from steel and aluminum tubesets, and has been in business since 1988. 2016 marks their third Philly Bike Expo.