Vlad Cycles: interaction of the elements

Vlad Dolinsky builds bicycles in Boonton, New Jersey, just 30 miles west of New York City, but in what Dolinsky claims is perfect terrain for both mountain and road cycling. Where these disciplines combine with the individual needs of the rider is where Vlad Cycles shines.


“I focus on building custom steel bicycle frames across all riding disciplines, including bicycle forks and racks. I design and build bicycle frames that fit rider’s specific requirements such as riding style and discipline, ergonomics and geometry, aesthetics and functionality.


“The interaction of all these elements in the construction of the bike is what makes our bikes unique and special. We are making sure that our bikes are functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasant. After all, what good would it be when one has a bike that is built for racing, but is trying to accomplish a century ride or one's bike does not bring a smile to your face when you look at it,” says Dolinsky.


Offering multiple design options to the customer is another feature that allows Vlad Cycles to stand out from the crowd.


“When we start our design process, the customer gets at least three CAD choices to choose from to narrow down customer’s preferred aesthetics, and we work with customers during the design process to accommodate with any other preferences or requests,” says Dolinsky.


Vlad Cycles TIG-welds steel bikes and forks using brand name tubing such as True Temper, Columbus, Dedacciai, Reynolds as well as 4130 aircraft chrome moly tubing for custom fabrication. Depending on a specific project and to achieve certain aesthetics or required clearances, they fabricate their own stays, seat tubes or top top tubes.


For Dolinsky (and many other builders), adventure cycling is the most exciting new trend in cycling for both riders and builders.


“Adventure begins where the road ends. I think bikepacking is the most exciting trend in the cycling industry now that gives rise to the popularity of drop bar 29ers, gravel and all-road types of bikes. This trend allows us, framebuilders, to be creative not only with the frame design, but with fabricating bicycle forks and racks. We work with makers of custom frame bags and accessories to achieve the perfect mix of function, comfort and aesthetics to create that unique bike for a rider.”