RuthWorksSF: custom cycling luggage

Ely Rodriguez is the man behind RuthWorksSF, a crafted-to-order cycling luggage company that he runs out of his small apartment in San Francisco’s Mission District.


RuthWorksSF is a one person business that caters to people who enjoy riding their bikes and sometimes need to carry things.


“It's more complicated than that, but it doesn't need to be,” says Rodriguez.


With that statement in mind, Rodriguez will make you bags to tackle Paris-Brest-Paris, or something to haul fresh fruit home from the corner market.


RuthWorksSF make ultralight and traditional custom cycling bags, using the best natural materials for their specific application.


Rodriguez sees the growing interface between cycling-specific and mainstream cultures as an unabashedly positive development.


“The most exciting trend that I see today is that the non-cycling culture is becoming more aware of the cycling culture. It is easier for non-cyclists to enjoy riding to work, riding on the weekend with a friend, or taking long solo rides.The industry understands this and the products and services reflect a more inviting atmosphere.


It's a good thing. It's a win win for everyone and it attempts to foster understanding and compassion through a healthier lifestyle.”