Selle Anatomica: your partner in saddle time

Selle Anatomica has fit the needs of high-mileage, serious cyclists who value comfort, function and style since 2005. The company was started by ultra-marathon cyclist Tommy Milton, a 20,000 mile per year rider who wanted a modern update of the classic leather saddle that was no longer comfortable for him. Married to an osteopath who gave her input on optimal ergonomic design, Milton came up with the prototype Selle Anatomica and began producing his version of the perfect saddle.


After his passing six years ago, Milton’s sister, Carol Hosmer, and her two sons took on operations and marketing at Selle Anatomica. Hosmer explained two chief benefits of Selle Anatomica’s patented center slot. The first is pressure relief on the perineal nerve (for both men and women). The second is increased pliability of the leather and an independent movement that becomes like a second skin.


“Our saddle is like a hammock,” said Hosmer. “It’s all about comfort.”


The main components of Selle Anatomica’s saddles are made in the U.S.A., with frames coming from Wisconsin and assembly taking place at a facility in San Diego. The company has a strong following overseas as well, particularly in Asian markets such as Japan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.


Using a business model based on selling direct to customers, Selle Anatomica has prospered in a generally down market, with sales this year about double the 2015 figure. Hosmer reckons that by now they have sold close to a hundred thousand saddles.


You can witness Carol Hosmer and her son Ryan riveting saddles at the Philly Bike Expo. They are shipping their riveting machine across the country to give PBE attendees the chance to see the handbuilt process up close.


"We did it at NAHBS this year and it was a great hit," says Hosmer.


Selle Anatomica will also be displaying their new full carbon saddle in Philadelphia.


"We have recently come out with a full carbon saddle. We had to learn a new manufacturing process in order to produce this carbon saddle, which weighs only 190 grams. Preliminary reports from riders are that it is quite wonderful, especially for climbers. What we have heard from the folks riding the carbon saddles is they don't have as much comfort as the leather saddles, but they feel they have more power. It's a brand-new product, and I'm sure we will be making many changes in the next couple of years as we learn more about it," explained Hosmer.


Looking forward, Selle Anatomica will introduce a new carbon fiber frame for the leather saddle that will be both stronger and lighter. With this saddle, the best of leather comfort, and carbon fiber lightness and stiffness will be combined.