Heading into a record year!

With less than one week remaining to the expo, and related activities having commenced on October 28, the Philly Bike Expo is heading into a record-setting year. As of Monday October 31, 162 out of 163 booth spaces had been filled.

More than 40 custom frame builders have signed up for expo booths, there are more than 50 first-time exhibitors, and the number of booths sold exceeds 150 - all setting new records.

With its emphasis on small, friendly, booths and an in-depth seminar program, the Philly Bike Expo has earned praise and attracted the attention of industry figures across the country. 

San Francisco cycling bag maker, Ely Rodriguez of Ruthworks SF, said "Philly Bike Expo is the coolest show right now," while Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro in Greenville, North Carolina, declared, "Philly show has become THE show." Joshua Poertner, owner of Silca, based in Indianapolis, described the Philly expo as, "the movement you are creating and supporting," and Paul Bronin of Jitensha Bronin in Newark, NJ, simply wrote, "It's the best consumer show I've seen."

Bina Bilenky, the expo director said, "It is wonderful to have this kind of feedback, but it is not only for the expo organizers. It is as much for the exhibitors, the seminar, demonstration and ride leaders, the volunteers who bring such positive energy with them, it's for everybody that touches the expo. We are fortunate to be part of such a great community."