Eliel Cycling: Crafted in California

Eliel Cycling makes performance cycling clothing right in their southern California base. In a seemingly full market where many cycling apparel companies design in the U.S., but outsource manufacturing to Asia, domestic production makes Eliel stand out.


As lifelong cyclists with deep roots in the Southern California community, Ryan Cady, Matt Becica and Derek Wiback all shared an appreciation for racing, and a competitive spirit that helped them build previous successful brands.

Over the years, the more they rode, the greater their kinship grew with the local groups who were putting in the daily miles. Furthermore, they felt those crews deserved a higher level of custom performance gear when flying their team colors. From that idea, Eliel was born. Their mission from the start was to create an authentic brand that captured the spirit of California, while delivering unmatched quality that would rival the leading brands from across the cycling world.

A global search for a manufacturer led Eliel to set up their own shop right at home in California. Combining their depth of cycling experience with the latest cutting edge technologies, they were able to rapidly prototype and test every concept. They also experimented with a broad spectrum of performance fabrics and made countless refinements to cut and construction, ultimately arriving at the gear they were proud to put their name on.

Even though Eliel produces their clothing in California, they source the finest fabrics and chamois from Italy. Old world tradition and quality meets new world technology in the fabrication process, as Eliel uses laser cutting technology to deliver the most precise and comfortable fit.


Customers can shop for cycling wear right at Eliel’s website. They have different collections that rotate through the online store with the seasons. For clubs, teams and events, Eliel offers full-custom kits, with design collaboration and responsive customer support.